14 Companion Planting Combination Ideas

Have a look at the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas that will help you get the most out of the plants!

If you are searching for the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas, then this list is all you will ever need!

Advantages of Companion Planting

1. Natural pest control: Companion planting can help reduce the need for pesticides by introducing plants that repel or attract beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and lacewings, which feed on common garden pests.

2. Improved soil fertility: Different plants have different nutrient needs, so companion planting can help add nutrient diversity to the soil. For example, nitrogen-fixing plants, such as peas and beans, can help add nitrogen to the soil and improve fertility.

3. Weed suppression: Certain plants, such as marigolds, can help suppress weeds by competing for light, water, and nutrients.

4. Increased yields: The combined effect of companion planting can increase yields. For example, some plants can provide shade or shelter to other plants, helping them to grow more quickly and produce more fruit or vegetables.

5. Improved flavor: Planting certain herbs and vegetables together can also improve the flavor of the produce.

Companion Planting Combination Ideas

1. Peppers and Basil

Companion Planting Combination Ideas

Basil is an ideal companion plant for peppers; it is stated that planting basil along with peppers enhances their taste and repels pesky pests like; spider mites, thrips, aphids, mosquitoes, and flies. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

2. Arugula and Spinach

You can grow spinach next to the arugula as it will provide plenty of shade to the plant. The arugula plants do well in cool conditions; growing them under the natural shade of companion plants helps in hot spells and keeps them productive.

3. Zucchini and Garlic

Companion Planting Combination Ideas 2

Garlic works amazingly in repelling destructive aphids from the garden, which can cause huge damage to zucchini and its leaves. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

4. Melons and Marigolds

You can save the roots of melons from the attack of nematodes by growing certain marigold varieties next to them.

5. Cucumbers and Nasturtiums

Companion Planting Combination Ideas 4

Cucumber and squash plants are perfect companions for vining stems of nasturtium as they deter cucumber beetles. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

6. Corn and Beans


Pests like; fall armyworms, leaf beetles, and leafhoppers consume corn plants; you can save them by planting beans as companion plants as they attract beneficial insects and climb up on the corn stalks.

7. Dill and Cabbage

Companion Planting Combination Ideas 67

Cabbage family plants like; Brussels sprouts and broccoli are great companions for dill. The cabbage plants assist dill, whereas it attracts the beneficial flies that prevent cabbage worms and other pests. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

8. Tall Flowers and Lettuce

This companion planting combination idea works great for lettuce. Tall flowering plants like tobacco (nicotiana) and spider flower (cleome) can provide a light shade to lettuce, which thrives best.

9. Basil and Tomatoes

Companion Planting Combination Ideas 22

Tomatoes and basil are good companions in both areas of the garden and kitchen. They will boost the flavor of each other, keep the pests away, and improve growth. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

10. Carrots and Radishes

Sowing carrot and radish seeds together are good for carrot growth. Radishes germinate fast and help in the germination process of carrots; they are also harvested earlier than carrots; after harvest, radishes give enough room to carrots.

11. Pole Beans + Corn and Pumpkin or Squash

Companion Planting Combination Ideas 57

This combination idea is named the ‘Three Sisters’ by native Americans. The foliage of pumpkin or squash makes a living mulch that decreases weeds and holds moisture. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

12. Eggplants or Tomatoes and Lettuce

Combining plants that have different growth patterns together is known as ‘intercropping.’ When eggplants and tomatoes grow tall, they provide shade to cool-season crops like; lettuce and extend the season to some extent.

13. Cabbage and Chamomile

Companion Planting Combination Ideas 99

Chamomile attracts useful insects for cabbage; during fall, chop it and throw it on the bed to decompose, leaving the roots undamaged to rot and improving the soil. It is one of the best Companion Planting Combination Ideas.

14. Marigold and Tomatoes

Marigolds are believed to repel certain pests that can harm tomatoes, while tomatoes provide shade and nutrients to marigolds.

Planting marigolds near tomatoes can also help to deter some of the common pests that feed on tomatoes, such as aphids, whiteflies, and beetles.

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