16 Mind Blowing Saguaro Cactus Facts

Read these interesting Saguaro Cactus Facts to know more about this unique succulent plant, which is one of the largest cacti in the world.

Mind Blowing Saguaro Cactus Facts

Our planet is rich from a wide variety of plants. Every geographical area has its own characteristics that make it special. Similarly, the US states of California and Arizona are the home of the largest cactus in America called Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea). Let’s have a look at some interesting Saguaro Cactus Facts, which is also the World’s biggest cactus!

Saguaro Cactus Facts

Mind Blowing Saguaro Cactus Facts 1

1. Native place

Confused about where do saguaro cactus grow? Well, it is native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the Mexican State of Sonora, and the Whipple Mountains and Imperial County areas of California.

2. The Lateral Branches Begin to Grow After 70 Years

The Saguaro cactus doesn’t start growing branches until it is 70 years old and at least 12 feet tall. The branches of the saguaro cactus measure between 18 to 24 inches.

3. Very Slow Growing plant

Saguaro is an extremely slow-growing plant in its early stage of life. During the first ten years, it grows up by 1-2 inches.

4. Active Growth Begins After 30 Years of Life.

Marking 30 years which is only around one-fourth of its life, its active growth begins. So if you are wondering how can you tell how old a saguaro cactus is, look for the one that has the most branches!

5. Saguaro Cactus Height and Weight

If you are wondering about Saguaro cactus height, then it can grow up to 20 m (70 ft) tall. Saguaro is also one of the heaviest plants and a fully grown one can vary between 6-10 tons.

6. Water Storing Capabilities

Wondering how much water can a saguaro cactus hold? During rainfall in the desert, it can soak up to 200 gallons of water!

If you squeeze a mature cactus, it is possible to get about two tons of liquid out of it.

7. House for the Homeless

The cactus is home to many animals–owls, woodpeckers, snakes, mice, and others. It is also a great water source in the desert.

8. A Fruitful Plant

Saguaro is a fruitful plant. It grows red fleshy fruits, which is prized by local people. Each fruit contains around 2000 seeds.

9. Deep Tap Root

Most saguaros have shallow roots that are only 4-6 inches deep and radiate out as far from the plant as it is tall. However, the taproot root extends deep down into the ground.

10. Life

Do you want to know how long does a saguaro cactus live? With the right growing conditions, it is estimated that saguaros can live up to 150-200 years old.

11. Saguaro Cactus Flowers

The saguaro flower has one of the most powerful fragrances, it emits a sweet, musky odor. The flower only opens up at the night and closes during the day. Saguaro cactus in bloom is quite a sight to behold.

If you want to know when do saguaro cactus bloom? Then the answer to that question is – after 30-35 years. The flowers are white in color and bloom in late spring followed by red edible fruits in the summer.

12. Laws

It’s illegal in Arizona to move a saguaro cactus from private or public property without permission.

13. The Most Expensive Cactus!

The plant is not cheap to get your hands on and a well-grown specimen can cost you anywhere between 200-1500$!

14. The Oldest and the World’s Biggest Cactus

The Granddaddy saguaro cactus is said to be more than 300 years old, is more than 40 feet tall, and has 50-52 limbs! it is also one of the world’s biggest cactus!

15. It is Used to Make Crafts

Locals use the woody ribs of the saguaro cactus to make various types of crafts. People also use the plant to make home furniture, fences, and roofs.

16. It is a State Flower

Have you seen a flowering saguaro cactus? If yes, then consider yourself lucky as it is also the state flower of Arizona.

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