19 Black Dahlia Flower Varieties + How to Grow Black Dahlia

With dark, velvety petals and a striking appearance, these Black Dahlia Flower Varieties will shower your garden with a mysterious glow!

These gorgeous Black Dahlia Flower Varieties exhibit a deep, dark maroon color, often mistaken as black due to the rich, intense hue of the petals. Grow them in your garden for a majestic display of blooms amidst the lush foliage!

Black Dahlia Flower Varieties

1. Arabian Night Dahlia


This dark, velvety dahlia features ruffled, deep red petals that almost look black in a full, round form. Arabian Night Dahlia is known for its excellent garden performance, growing up to 4 feet tall and blooming from mid-summer through fall.

2. Hollyhill Black Dahlia


With large, fully double blooms that boast a rich, glossy black hue, Hollyhill Black is a hardy variety, thriving in warm summer climates and blooming profusely from mid-summer to early fall.

3. Sam Hopkins Dahlia


Sam Hopkins Dahlia has a distinctive, sculptural form with deep-red to almost black petals that curve and twist in a striking, almost artful manner. Its dark color contrasts beautifully with lighter flowers in a mixed bouquet.

4. Karma Choc Dahlia


This variety offers deep, rich chocolate-brown petals that are velvety to the touch. Karma Choc is a long-blooming black dahlia flower variety, producing flowers from mid-summer to early fall and reaching a mature height of 2-3 feet.

5. Burgundy Black Dahlia

With its deep, rich dark burgundy and chocolate-hued, nearly black ruffled petals, this dahlia is a stunning choice for a dramatic focal point in the garden. The tall stems also make it a great cut flower.

6. Dahlia ‘Tamburo’

This striking dahlia features slightly elongated, velvety red petals with a dusky chocolate hue, giving it a much better look and form than other varieties.

7. Lights Out Dahlia

Lights Out Dahlia offers large chocolate to almost black, soft, velvety, fully double blooms. This variety is known for its compact habit, growing to a mature height of 2-3 feet, and its abundant blooms, which continue to produce throughout the summer and fall.

8. Fidalgo Blacky Dahlia

A beautiful dahlia featuring deep, burgundy red to almost black finely-cut petals. This variety is a prolific bloomer and one of the most amazing Black Dahlia Flower Varieties on our list.

9. Black Wizard Dahlia

With its large, fully double blooms and dark, purple-black center surrounded with deep red color, this dahlia is a true statement piece. Black Robust Dahlia grows to a mature height of 4-5 feet.

10. Black Jack Dahlia

A classic black dahlia with a full, round form and velvety deep blackberry red petals. Its dark color makes it a popular choice for gothic or dark-themed gardens. Certainly one of the majestic Black Dahlia Flower Varieties to look for!

11. Dahlia ‘Black Embers’


This dahlia variety has a distinctive, almost iridescent quality due to its deep maroon petals with a black tint. The long stems make it a great choice for cut flowers, and its abundant blooms continue to produce from mid-summer to early fall.

12. Dahlia ‘Honka Black’

Contrary to the typical Dahlias, this stunner boasts large blooms with deep red petals that look more on the blacker side. The tall stems make it a great choice for cut flowers, and its vigorous habit and long-blooming period make it a standout in the garden.

13. Black Monarch Dahlia

Stacey DeAmicis

With its large, showy blooms in a rich crimson-purple color with black shading, this dahlia is a true garden standout. Its blooms are well-suited for cut flower arrangements, and its tall stature makes it a great choice for the back of a border.

14. Dahlia-Gideon

The Dahlia-Gideon is prized for its large, ruffled petals exhibiting a dark maroon hue, giving it an almost black appearance. With an upright stature and a bold appearance, it is undoubtedly a great addition for any home!

15. Black Satin Dahlia


A hybrid dahlia with velvety, almost deep black-red petals that are unique and sophisticated! Black Satin Dahlia is known for its tall, upright growth habit and large semi-double blooms, making it a centerpiece for gardens and cut flower arrangements.

16. Dahlia Night Butterfly

Black Dahlia Flower Varieties are an excellent choice for home gardeners who want to add a touch of dark elegance to their landscape, and this majestic flower delivers just that!

17. Black Beauty Dahlia


Black Beauty Dahlias are simply stunning, with dark red-black velvety petals and a tall, upright growth habit. The large single blooms have a velvety texture and are perfect for adding drama and sophistication to a garden.

18. Black Magic Dahlia


This hybrid dahlia is enchanting and elegant, with dark, bright maroon, deep pink petals and a tall, upright growth habit. With a velvety texture, these blooms are perfect for adding a touch of magic and drama to the garden.

19.  Black Narcissus Dahlia


The Black Narcissus Dahlia is a stunning, dark-colored flower with velvety petals that fade to black. Its unique beauty and alluring contrast make this Black Dahlia Flower Variety a highly sought-after choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any floral display.

Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

While the Black Dahlia flower can be associated with negative emotions such as betrayal and farewell, it also represents the mystery and enigma that surrounds it. Its deep and dark color can symbolize the unknown and the hidden, adding an intriguing and alluring quality to its meaning. Moreover, the Black Dahlia’s elegant and velvety petals can express the idea of sophistication and grace, making it a popular choice for bouquets and garden displays.

It’s worth noting that flower meanings can vary depending on cultural and individual perspectives. Regardless, the Black Dahlia flower’s versatile meaning allows it to convey different emotions and sentiments, making it a unique and fascinating flower with a captivating allure.

How to Grow Black Dahlia?


1. Choosing the Right Location

The first step to growing black dahlias is choosing the right location. These flowers need a lot of sunlight, so choose a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Additionally, make sure the soil is well-draining to prevent root rot.

2. Soil Preparation

Once you’ve selected your spot, prepare the soil. Black dahlias prefer soil that is slightly acidic, with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5. If your soil is too alkaline, you can add some organic matter like compost or peat moss to lower the pH.

3. Planting Black Dahlia

Plant black Dahlia tubers in the spring after the last frost date for your area. Dig a hole about 6 inches deep and place the tuber with the sprouts facing up. Cover with soil and water thoroughly.

4. Watering

Water your black dahlias regularly, especially during hot, dry weather. These flowers like moist but not waterlogged soil. You can water deeply once a week or more frequently if the soil feels dry to the touch.

5. Support

As black dahlias grow, they may need support to prevent them from toppling over. You can use stakes or cages to support the stems and keep the flowers upright.

6. Deadheading

To encourage more blooms, deadhead your black dahlias regularly. This means removing spent blooms before they have a chance to form seeds. Simply snip off the stem just above the first set of leaves.


To keep your black dahlias healthy and blooming, it’s important to fertilize them regularly. Use a balanced fertilizer with equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. You can also use a fertilizer specifically designed for flowering plants to encourage blooming. Fertilize your black dahlias once a month during the growing season, which typically starts in spring and ends in fall.

Pest and Diseases

Black dahlias are generally hardy and resistant to pests and diseases, but they can still be affected by common garden pests such as aphids, spider mites, and thrips. To prevent these pests, keep your plants healthy with regular watering and fertilizing. If you notice signs of infestation, such as curled or discolored leaves, you can use insecticidal soap or neem oil to get rid of the pests.

Black dahlias can also be affected by diseases such as powdery mildew and botrytis, which can cause leaves to turn yellow or brown. To prevent these diseases, avoid overwatering and provide good air circulation around your plants. If you notice signs of disease, remove the affected leaves and treat the plant with a fungicide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When to Plant Black Dahlia?

When it comes to planting dahlias, the timing depends on your climate. If you live in a cold area, it’s best to wait until after the last frost date to plant in spring. However, if you’re in a warm region, you have the option of planting either in the spring or fall.

2. How to Plant Black Dahlia Flower Seeds?

Know about the Black Dahlia Flower Varieties but are unsure how to plant the seeds? To plant black dahlia flower seeds, start by preparing a well-draining and fertile planting area with full sun exposure. Sow the seeds about 1/4 inch deep and spaced 12 to 18 inches apart, then cover them lightly with soil. That’s it!

3. What is the Perfect Pot Size for Dahlia?

For growing black dahlias in pots, a 12 inches container with ample drainage holes at the bottom is ideal. This allows enough room for the plant’s root system to grow and develop properly.

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