31 Best Companion Plants for Eggplants

Wondering about What to Plant Next to Eggplants? Here’s a detailed list of the Best Companion Plants for Eggplants!

Read on to know the Best Companion Plants for Eggplants that will help you to make the best out of veggies in your garden!

Best Companion Plants for Eggplants


1. Marigolds

Companion Plants for Eggplants

Marigolds are known to repel pests such as nematodes, whiteflies, and aphids, while eggplants are vulnerable to these pests. Planting marigolds alongside eggplants can help protect the eggplants from these pests and improve their overall health.

2. Nasturtiums

You can grow Nasturtiums around eggplants both as a trap crop as you can sacrifice this plant to the insects instead of the eggplants and as a ground cover to stop the invasion of weeds. Aphids prefer to feast on Nasturtiums so grow this flower with the eggplants. 

3. Sunflower

Companion Plants for Eggplants 3

Flowers like sunflower and snapdragon can be helpful companion plants for eggplant. They are easy to grow, look attractive, and help in bringing in some pollinators to the garden.

Sunflowers can also provide shade for the eggplants, which prefer cooler temperatures and protection from the hot sun.

4. Borage

Another flowering plant, Borage can be a helpful companion plant for eggplants as it can deter worms and attract beneficial bugs. Eggplants can provide shade to this beautiful flowering plant during warmer weather. 

5. Amaranth

Companion Plants for Eggplants 5

Amaranth can make for another excellent eggplant companion as they both have similar growing requirements. However, ensure that you provide them enough room to grow and not cast shade on one another. 


6. Spinach


Eggplants and spinach can be excellent choice for companion plants. Eggplants can offer shade to spinach plants during summer. Also, spinach can help in retaining moisture in the soil. 

7. Pole Beans

Companion Plants for Eggplants 7

If you want to boost the production of eggplants, grow pole beans along with eggplants as companion plants.

Pole beans have shallow roots that can fix nitrogen in the soil, while eggplants have deep roots that can access nutrients from deeper layers of the growing medium.

8. Zucchini

Zucchini and eggplants both have similar growing conditions and can be great companion plants for each other. You need to plant only a few of these types of plants always to have a steady supply of fresh veggies at home. 

9. Garlic

Companion Plants for Eggplants 9

Garlic is a strong companion plant for eggplant because of its intense scent. It is a natural pest repellant, and the smell can drive away countless bugs from your yard.

10. Onions

You can grow onions and eggplants side by side and reap their benefits. Interplant onions and eggplants to keep many harmful bugs away as onions emit a strong odor. 

11. Peas

Companion Plants for Eggplants 11

Eggplants require nitrogen in abundance, and that is why most gardeners often use additional fertilizers. You can grow peas along with eggplants to add extra nitrogen to the soil and make it rich in potassium, too. 

12. Lettuce

Lettuce can provide shade for eggplants, which prefer cooler temperatures and protection from the hot sun.

The combination of cool-season lettuce and warm-season eggplants can add depth and interest to any garden while also providing a bountiful harvest of delicious vegetables.

13. Peppers

Companion Plants for Eggplants 13

Any variety of Peppers, both hot and sweet, can make for excellent companions for eggplants. They both have the same growing requirements and are prone to the same kinds of diseases and bugs.

Pepper also helps in building the eggplant’s root system by adding a chemical into the soil that helps in preventing fungus and root rot in the soil. 

14. Lentils


You can grow Lentils with eggplants in the same veggie garden, as it will help in boosting nitrogen production in the garden. It will help you to strike off the need for any nitrogen supplements. 

15. Tomatoes

Companion Plants for Eggplants 15

Eggplants and tomatoes go together very well when you are preparing ratatouille, bruschetta, and parmesan.

You can also grow them together as both are warm-season veggies and love sunny, warm days and nights.

16. Squash


You can also grow squash with eggplants in the same plot as both gain from full sunlight to produce huge fruits.

With similar growing needs, they can do well when grown side by side but keep an eye on the squash plant’s hunger for organic matter. 

17. Cabbage

Companion Plants for Eggplants 17

Cabbage and eggplants are good companion plants, too, as you can use cabbage as a trap crop like Nasturtiums to lure away insects from the eggplants.

It works best for attracting beetles like the flea beetle and saving your eggplants. 

18. Chinese Cabbage

Similar to Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage attracts flea beetles and drives them away from eggplants. Use it as a decoy plant to save the eggplants from any pest attacks. 

19. Potatoes

Companion Plants for Eggplants 19

Potatoes and eggplants have different root depths and nutrient requirements, so they can be grown together without competing for resources.

20. Green Beans

Green Beans are cheap and easy to grow, and they are also very profitable. You can propagate them easily every growing season in your garden and also use them as a trap crop to keep Colorado beetle out of the garden. 

21. Radish

Companion Plants for Eggplants 21

Radish can be a ‘rad’ choice for eggplants. It will take up only a small space and grow well together as it helps in improving the flavor of eggplants. 

22. Okra

Cultivate Okra with eggplants as it will help in increasing nitrogen levels in the soil. They both have the same watering needs, and you can care for them at the same time and enjoy both vegetables. 

23. Kohlrabi

Companion Plants for Eggplants 23

You can plant Kohlrabi with eggplants to keep cabbage beetles and aphids away. It can also help to provide shade to eggplants on scorching, hot days. 


24. Oregano

With its powerful scent, Oregano can repel cabbage moths, spider mites, and aphids. It can also help in attracting helpful insects like ladybugs and honey bees.

You can also consider growing Greek oregano that attracts overlies, a predator of beetles.

25. Mint

Companion Plants for Eggplants 25

Mints such as Spearmint and Peppermint are both great companion plant varieties for eggplants. Both these types of plants can help in reducing the number of flea beetles.

However, remember to keep the plant in check as they can become invasive easily. 

26. Thyme

Grow thyme alongside eggplant to keep garden moths and aphids away. The strong scent of thyme helps in keeping many bugs at bay. 

27. Cilantro

Companion Plants for Eggplants 27

Cilantro can be another useful herb that you can grow with eggplants in your veggie garden. It can bring in natural predators of beetles and save your vegetables from pests and keep your yard smelling fresh. 

28. Lemon Balm


Another herb that works well with eggplants is Lemon Balm. With its natural citrus fragrance, you can be sure to keep harmful insects like slugs, spiders, snails, and pillbugs out of your garden. 

29. Basil

Companion Plants for Eggplants 29

You can grow Basil with any variety of eggplants, as this herb can help attract pollinators to the veggie plot. The strong scent can also help in keeping pests at bay. You can also plant other herbs like celery and dill alongside eggplants. 

30. Catnip

Catnips can also make for good companion plants but do not grow them with other legumes nearby. Also, if you have cats around, you may need to watch out, as cats love to feast on this plant.

You can use wires or fencing to stop them from eating away catnip plants. Like Basil and Parsley, catnip will also help you in keeping the bugs at bay. 

31. French Tarragon

Companion Plants for Eggplants 31

Cultivate French Tarragon with eggplants to repel many harmful insects. There are many herbs that can work well with eggplants, such as Lavender, Dills, Marjoram, Chamomile, Rosemary, and Sage. 

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