Landscaping with Lavender | 7 Garden Design Ideas

Landscaping with Lavender is easy and adds a colorful carpet in the yard! We have some of the best ideas for you!

Here are some amazing Landscaping with Lavender ideas that will surely help you to use this fragrant herb in your garden in the best way possible!

How to Do Landscaping with Lavender?

1. A Lavender Flower Bed

Landscaping with Lavender 1

A beautiful combination of Californian poppies and lavender flanking the walkway! Orange and purple colors give a warm appearance to a garden.

2. Lavender Sloping Garden

If you want to grow something around the sloping space of your garden, grow lavender. This will make it one of the most amazing lavender landscapes.

3. Lavender Fences

Landscaping with Lavender 3

Lavender can be grown along garden fences. Its cool color, when used near the borders and boundaries, creates an illusion of enlarged space.

4. Covering Borders with Lavender

Growing lavender in borders is one of the most amazing landscape ideas. It looks wonderful and attracts bees and butterflies.

5. A Beautiful Lavender Hedge

Drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, lavenders are the perfect plant to make hedges. Tall varieties like french lavender and ‘royal purple’ are the best.

Some More Landscaping with Lavender Ideas

6. Lavender-Lined Garden Pathway

Rosemary Fletcher

With an amazing color that shines in the sun, it makes for an excellent plant to surround the garden pathway on each side. It is one of the most amazing landscape ideas with lavender.

7. Lavender Bushed with Garden Path

Landscaping with Lavender 7

These thick lavender bushes are perfect for any garden and will make everyone feel like paradise.

8. Lavender Flower Bed with Shrubs


Love lavender in the landscape? These lavenders are perfect for a touch of stunning color to any flower bed.

9. Lavender Shrub Garden


Have a large garden? Why not turn it into a Lavender shrub garden like this amazing display of green and purple foliage?

10. A Colorful Garden Path with Lavender

Landscaping with Lavender 10

An amazing Landscaping with lavender idea that uses the plant with pink and white blooming plants to create a mesmerizing garden path.

11. A Tribute to Lavender Fields


Fill the garden with a lavender field landscape that covers the entire space with lavender shrubs.

12. Lush Lavender Fields


Why settle for less if you have more? Turn the country home into a scene from a movie with this landscaping with lavender idea for a lavender field landscape that reaches as far as the eyes can see.

13. Lavender for Vibrant Purple in the Garden

Landscaping with Lavender 13
Ron Lutsko design

Lavender paired with golden and dark green foliage is an amazing garden idea to make it stand out.

14. Lavender Pathway and Patio Idea


You can also enjoy lush lavenders by planting them adjacent to your patio.

15. Lavender Flower Bed Garden Design


With green-golden grass, this lavender flower bed idea is an eye-catcher that will definitely allure everyone.

16. A Purple Hill of Lavender

Landscaping with Lavender 16

Plant lavenders on a hill and watch how it turns into a magical landscape straight out of a Disney movie.

17. Lavender Entry for Front of Home


Want your guests to arrive with a smile? Spruce up your home entry with this front yard lavender landscaping, and line the path with Lavenders.

18. Backyard Garden with Lavender Shrubs

Add a touch of color with this lavender landscape idea of a backyard garden full of lavenders among white and pink blooms.

19. Lavender Hedge for Brick House Pathways

Love lavender landscape ideas? Here’s another one. Create a lavender hedge for a gravel path to complement a bricked house or a cottage with this front yard lavender landscaping idea.

20. Lavender Shrubs in Gravel

Landscaping with Lavender 20

Another of the best lavender landscaping ideas is planting lavender varieties in a semi-circular fashion in a gravel bed.

21. Lavender Shrubs on Country Home Road

There is definitely something about this country road full of lavender shrubs that fill you up with happiness each time you look at this lavender landscape. It is one of the most gorgeous lavender landscaping ideas.

22. Brick Path with Lavender Shrubs

Landscaping with Lavender 22

Want a unique garden path with one of the most stunning lavender landscaping ideas? Create a brick path surrounded by lavender shrubs!

23. A Patio Among Lavenders


Create a patio surrounded by green shrubs and beautiful lavenders for an amazing unwinding and dining place. This is truly one of the best lavender landscape ideas.

24. Dense Lavender Flower Bed

Love lavender but don’t wanna work much? Try an effortless lavender landscaping idea and turn any garden or flowerbed into a beauty just like this lavender plants landscape design.

25. Lavenders for Home Entry

Landscaping with Lavender 25

These lavenders near the home entry are an absolute work of art. Imagine coming home after a long day and being greeted by such amazing foliage and a stunning lavender landscape.

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