Top Tips on Pruning a Jade Plant to Make it Bushier and Bigger

Are you a big fan of a Jade plant and want it to be bushier? Learn everything about Pruning a Jade Plant to Make it Bushier and Bigger!

 Pruning Jade Plant to Make it Bushier and Bigger

The jade plant (Crassula ovata) is one of the quintessential succulents for homes, and almost everyone loves to plant it because it is super easy to maintain. If you too are growing one at home, learn more about Pruning Jade Plant to Make it Bushier and Bigger!

Pruning Jade Plant to Make it Bushier and Bigger

You can make your jade plant bushier by pruning it regularly to distribute the overall growth and keep the weight even. Make sure to use clean pruning shears to trim, but trim not more than 25 percent of the plant at once.

To maintain the bushy shape and appearance of your jade plant, place it in a spot that receives direct sunlight for 4-6 hours. 

How to Prune a Jade Plant?

  • You can make the cuts at any spot, and it does not matter because new growth will sprout out from anywhere the cuts are made. But still, it is suggested to trim above the node.
  • You need to make the cuts in a way that it angles downwards so the water runs off freely. The reason is–water settling onto the wound can lead to rot. 
  • You should not remove all the leaves from the main trunk as it can stunt their growth and even lead to death. 

Tips for Pruning a Jade Plant

  • If needed, you should prune your jade plant at least once every year. 
  • Make sure you clean your pruning shears, knives, or scissors that you use for pruning regularly and keep them sharp too. 
  • It is best to prune your jade plant every spring OR when the weather is sufficiently warm, OR when you see new growth appearing. 
  • Placing it outdoors or under more direct sunlight during the active growing season will promote the plant’s bushy appearance. You should move it indoors before the night temperatures begin to drop. 
  • Remember not to remove more than 1/4 growth of the plant during one pruning session, as it can compromise its hardiness and well-being. 

Pruning Longer Branches

If your jade plant is getting taller or has longer branches, prune the top fourth of your plant’s shoots down. Make cuts along the ring-shaped indentation on the mature jade trunk. You will promote new growth and more limbs by removing the leaves from the main trunk.

Pruning Smaller Jade Plant

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For any small Jade plant that is 4 to 6 inches in size, you need to prune the plant’s top tip to boost its lateral growth. Remember that two new branches will appear soon for each cut you make. 

Note: It is perfect for you to prune a smaller plant just once every year when the plant is young. 

Pruning Larger Jade Plant

For a larger jade plant or jade tree, trim any new growth that usually juts out at the end of branches and limbs–purposefully remove the branches that are providing uneven growth. This will encourage new branches to sprout from wherever you cut them.

After regular pruning, the plant will look more even and be able to support the top of the plant much better.

If you don’t prune when the plant gets bigger, the upper section will continue to become top-heavy, and it can be pretty challenging for the rest of the plant to support the weight–this is when you need to provide support to the plant. 

Pruning a Leggy Jade Plant

You can apply these tips for pruning a Baby Jade Plant (Portulacaria afra) as well

When your jade plant starts to look leggy, your aim should be to cut back the leggiest, longest branches. 

  • First, spot the longest, thinnest branches and cut them back to the same length as the shorter or medium ones. Do not cut back all of the branches at the same time. 
  • Find if any stems have grown so long that they begin to droop or curve, then remove them too. 
  • You should pinch the tips and snip out the top two baby leaves or the soft new tips to promote lateral growth.

Pruning Overgrown Jade Plant

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You may need more extensive pruning if you have an overgrown jade plant. 

  • You will need to remove any dead, damaged branches and leaves. It will help clear the clutter making it easier for you to see the plant well. 
  • You should spot the dying, decaying, or damaged stems and trim them back. 
  • Usually, an overgrown jade plant has lots of long, leafless branches. You should prune the worst ones back to shape. 
  • Keep monitoring your pruning process and the shape so that you do not end up with a crooked, uneven plant. Step back after every few cuts and do an assessment. 
  • These tips can also be used for the Baby Jade plant.


Following these tips can definitely help your jade plant get a bushier appearance. However, besides these pruning practices, ensure you provide your crassula ovata ample light and feed on time.

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